Feel like a Celebrity

~A Kanye vibin outfit

White everything & everywhere!!! So I never really liked the idea of matching top to bottom with the same color. But my current obsession with white made me do this. And I obviously had to add a splash of color.

You guys have to TRY THIS, I am actually going to start making this a legit trend. Just take the color you’re obsessed with and match it from top to bottom then add an extra color by throwing on a jacket or a pair of heels that contrast the color.

This full white outfit made me feel like a grunge celebrity for some reason.

The white top is from American Eagle. It’s ruffly at the bottom with an opening in the back. A very comfortable top and very easy to move in.

My white jeans are also from American Eagle. This matched perfectly and has a super ripped design. Which made me feel more rebellious.

THIS JACKET! An amazing purchase!! A green jacket should always be something lying around in your closet. I’ve noticed that a green jacket just completes that last edge of the outfit. I got this one from Free People This design is impeccable. The mass amount of bottoms added that grunge feels to the outfit. There are buttons on both sides of the jacket and there’s multiple going down the sleeve of the jacket. With a ruffle bottom, it added a bit of fun to it.

Continuing with the grunge and celebrity look I topped off my outfit with some chunky black and strappy heels from Ivanka Trump.

I decided to accessorize something that obviously is close to the color white. So I went with a silver layered necklace that sat perfectly with the top. Necklaces are from Madewell.

At the end why not throw another similar color into play. I decided to match a gray purse with the outfit. This one is a simple crossbody from Tory Burch. 

~This outfit is super trendy with a celebrity feeling. Perfect for a simple dinner night out.


If you try this outfit with your own favorite color, send me pictures and let me know how much you adored the look!

xoxo, Janki


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