A pizza place to satisfy your craving

This pizza place is the place to be any time of day, any day. And calls for a perfect date night in the City.

~The Halls Pizza Kitchen is located in the heart of Midtown just outside of downtown OKC.

I splurged on The Matt pizza and the Beat the Heat.

The Matt is a vegetarian pizza that is perfect for the day you are cheating on your diet but still feel really guilty.  The Matt comes with caramelized peppers and onions, artichoke, pesto, and their signature sauce.

The Beat the Heat is my personal favorite.  It has the perfect amount of smoked bacon and chicken. With my favorite cheese– mozzarella, which is made with whole milk. And to top it off to make it spicy siracha. The different flavors come together beautifully with a brick oven texture on the crust and pizza.

And if you’re like me the CRUST is the best part of the pizza. This has to be one of the bests ones I’ve had. Just because the flavor the brick oven gives is a charcoal coating which is to die for!!

Once you’ve had this place you will crave it at least once a week. And the view on the terrorist just makes you want to come back even more. Honestly, if I lived a much closer this place I’d be eating every day. So I guess that’s a good thing.

The contemporary look of the furniture and the restaurant makes you feel like your in NYC and we all know how much I love that feeling. Also, if you get a chance to go on a beautiful day, try sitting on the terrorist. A beautiful view of the Devon tower and Midtown makes for an amazing dinner backdrop. You’ll definitely be staring at the scenery more than your food (or date). IMG_4044IMG_0958IMG_0608FullSizeRender

xoxo, Janki


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