Tassel Earrings & Sorority Recruitment Tips!

Key word… TASSELS!

~This is currently the hottest trend! From having tassels on a dress to a top and skirts. And now earrings are coming in. This has to be my favorite tassely item of the season. I love mine so much that I wore it for three hours straight driving from Dallas to OKC in the car (where nobody sees me) because of my obsession with them.

I wore it with a red sari that worked beautifully!!! I’m just really excited for game days to come so I can wear these 24/7!

The pair of earrings I have I bought online. I actually saw them on The View and they had a promotion of half off going on, so I basically had too. I love these ones, compared to, other ones I’ve seen just because they have a rose gold top. Which makes it look super luxurious. I love the rose gold and the white pearl look together!

Earrings are from Daniela Swaebe 

Heres the link for her https://www.dsfjewels.com/collections/time-to-tassel?page=1 collection. She also has shorter tassel earrings available and tassel bracelets! Colors are running out!

Time To Tassel

These earrings make me wish they were in trend when I went through recruitment because this would definitely be a statement!

Since most of my readers are going through recruitment in the fall I wanted to give you some tips on how to survive and what to wear.

Since it is pageant season, as well, and there are tons of pageants going on right now. These tips can help you too! They are the ones I lived off of for both recruitment and pageants. And I guess I became pretty successful in both so I’m assuming they work. And I hope they work for you too πŸ™‚

  1. BE YOU! ~ Don’t try to impress the house girls by turning into someone you think they are going to like. We like you, for you!
  2. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in! ~ If you wear something you love, you’ll feel 10x better. And trust me, this is the moment you wanna feel 10x better. 
  3. Realize that you’re not the only nervous one. ~ And if you’re going through OU recruitment; the girls in the house that are rushing you are a lot more nervous than you are, trust me!!!!
  4. Take detailed notes. ~ This is something I wish someone told me before, cause I assumed that I could remember what all the houses were and felt like, but in reality, I didn’t remember anything. Soooo please please please take notes. Try to find something in the house that’s unique and note it down then write how you felt.  Then when you go back to those notes it’ll be easier to remember that feeling when you have an object to match it with!
  5. Be cheery and excited even if that’s not how you feel. ~ Heres the truth the days are long and hot. And you will get tired of talking.  And sometimes its a struggle continuing to be peppy all the time. Unfortunately, your favorite house could be last but you still need to have your best game face on.
  6. Stay optimistic and have fun!! ~ Rush was a rollercoaster ride for me, but I held my head high the entire time. The reality is that houses will drop you even the ones you love, but there is a reason why you were chosen to be in that house, give them a chance it can turn into the best thing in your life if you stay optimistic! Also, have funnn!!! I have made the best memories during this week!
  7. Finally, my mantra I lived off of (and still do), BE UNIQUE! ~ There are thousands of girls going in and out of houses constantly. You want to be remembered. My first day of preview tour I decided to wear a choker and on Bid Day one of my sisters came up to me and asked me if that was me. Make this happen to you! By having an amazing conversation or even a fashion statement. For me this was me being me! I wasn’t trying to change myself, I just decided that my outfit looked cuter with a choker and it worked!! Since I was going through rush with 1500 girls I wanted to be remembered. If this is your case try to do the same πŸ™‚


xoxo, Janki


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